Monday, 30 June 2008

ALLAKAZZAM! by Daniel Abelman

Release date: 8th July 2008

Man, myth and magic in lightest Africa

Wickedly humorous Daniel Abelman is our guide on a magical mystery tour of African and Jewish culture, apartheid, the holocaust, telepathy, police corruption, rigged boxing, exploding dogs and orthodontics ... while a lovable psychic conman tries to peddle a miraculously discovered manuscript to gullible publishers with $$$ in their eyes.

The astute reader navigates a labyrinth of highways and cul-de-sacs from the African bush to Jerusalem, via Germany, solving riddle after riddle (never sure if he, too, is falling under the trickster's hypnotic spell), until he ultimately finds himself as though waking from a memorable dream.

Abelman writes with an enchanted pen. He shatters the rules of the novelist's art by creating new and more ingenious ones of his own, pulling rabbits from hats where other authors don't even have hats.

ALLAKAZZAM! is accompanied by three of Abelman's haunting short stories.
The novel and its accompanying short tales are exquisitely illustrated by artist Catherine Edmunds.


About the Author

ISBN: 978-1-905202-28-7
Price: £5.99
Pages: 160

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