Thursday, 10 July 2008

Zimmercon - 8th August 2008


Where: Chester ...

When: Saturday 30th August 2008 ...

Time: 1pm until 6pm

Quaker Meeting Rooms. Union Walk, Frodsham Street. See map

An afternoon devoted to the Small Press, editors, writers & poets. Come along and meet, listen too, and maybe take part, with some of the stalwarts of the Small Press. This is 'real' grass roots publishing.

Already booked:

  • Steve Sneyd of Hilltop Press, writer and well known Science Fiction poet

  • Andy Robson editor of the weighty KRAX magazine

  • John F. Haines editor & writer of the U.K.'s longest running S.F.
    news broadsheet

  • Geoff Stevens editor of 'Purple Patch'

  • Well known poet Maureen Wheldon

  • Our own local lyricist Shiela Hamilton published writer &
    poet from the Wirral

  • Sam Smith now of Cumbria, writer and editor of 'The Journal'. (Select Six, Original Plus, The Journal)

Sam will also be in charge of a book-stall. You can contact him by e-mail

Admission will be free, but donation's will be appreciated on the day. Tea & coffeee will be available throughout a varied afternoons programme. Anyone wishing to take part must contact Peter Presford, as places may be limited.

Contact: Peter E Presford (Malfunction Press) by email Please mark all mails `Zimmercon'

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