Friday, 8 August 2008

25 for 25 - Free Books!

We are offering an exclusive opportunity for people to get their hands on 25 pre-publication eBook copies of Harry Hughes' debut novel The Bait Shack.

The book itself isn't out until late October, so this is a chance to read this book before anyone else. All we ask is that you promise us a review of 25 words. Why 25 words? Well 25 copies for 25 words! We'll then chose a winner at random from those we receive and the winner will get a signed copy of the paperback at the end of October.

We'll use the reviews in promotion and publicity with your name on prominent display, including posting it on Blippr, the new site for reviews of 160 characters or less.

So for your chance to receive this pre-publication eBook (pdf) before everyone else, send us an email and we'll send the eBook to the first 25 people who email us here. And then you send us your review before October 10th 2008.

Here's the book's info:

Unemployed whiz kid Dale Cooles struggles to save his marriage and his sanity when his previously charmed life’s turned topsy turvy by a cadre of killers and clowns.

Dale and wife Lacy – daughter of an eccentric but filthy rich Tennessee lumber magnate – unwittingly adopt into their domestic wrangle Twist, the brain-damaged orphan, and Lieutenant Revels, the beat-weary yet determined conservation officer seeking revenge for Lacy’s unscrupulous boss’s part in the mysterious extinction of rare birds on a prime piece of real estate.

And then there are the other extinctions ... the human ones.

In the parade of offbeat characters in Hughes’ ingenious and ’90s-set street smart black comedy of crime, we meet cutthroat businessman Henry Meredith, out for what he can get, psycho hitman Connie Jablonski, out for what he can hurt, mobster Johnny Avalino, greedy to enhance the value of his beach-front property by any means, Nancy Littlecrow, the shameless and cagey Native American attorney who gives new meaning to the term ‘Indian Affairs’, Seymour L. Bram, the retired and retiring Air Force Major suffering from chronic depression and delusions of easy money, Duncan Slochbauer, the slovenly and obsessed amateur producer of grisly news videos ...

And we don’t quite meet poor Karen Kern and the faceless others who might have crossed the path of a crazed and kinky serial killer nobody seems to have noticed lurking somewhere in Hughes’ uniquely colourful dramatis personae.

ISBN: 978-1-905202-92-8 (paperback) 978-1-905202-93-5 (eBook)
Price: £7.99. $15.99 (US), $16.99 (Ca), €10.99
Page count: 264
Release date: October 2008
Author’s blog:


  1. Seeing a notice on and the link to this entry, I am interested in reading and reviewing The Bait Shack. I would gladly have the review published in locations as you like and also request that my review be avaiaable on and

  2. Hi Roy
    Please send an email to and we'll then email a copy to you. We'd be happy for reviews to be available on as many sites as possible.