Monday, 26 January 2009

Happy Australia Day

Books for Australia Day

From our Australian Authors:

Sleep Before Evening by Magdalena Ball

This is a remarkable novel, not one detail of which rings false. The setting is New York City and one of its suburbs and the time is the Reagan years. Ball has achieved the remarkable in recovering this particular tim
e past and the drive of the narrative makes this a compelling and an exciting book. Bob Williams

The Bad Seed by Maurilia Meehan

The appearance of a novel by Maurilia Meehan is always an event to celebrate. She writes with a sharp, bold, experimental pen, and takes her readers into realms at once astonishing and familiar. Carmel Bird

The Playm
akers by Graeme Johnstone

An absorbing tale of conspiracy, manipulation, romance, and death when two young men (Shakespeare and Marlowe) from vastly different backgrounds are flung together by their passion for the written word.

Death in Malta by Rosanne Dingli

It is a meticulous psychological fable that favours character development and snapshots of village life over racier plot elements. Stephen Bell

ing Daedalus by Bevan McGuiness

An unusual romance, with a little mystery thrown in. I'm wondering if McGuiness will use the character Cornelius Monk again ... he has more to offer. S E Crawford

Treason by Meredith Whitford

Treachery in Love and War in the Struggle for the English Crown

Witty & literate. If you are curious about Richard 111, War of the Roses/Tudors, this is an easy fictional approach - which may indeed reflect the truth. Deirdre OShea

Featuring Belinda Lawrence, our Australian heroine:

Capable of Murder by Brian Kavanagh

Mr Kavanagh managed to do what one of my favorite authors, M C Beaton, does so well, incorporate humor within the confines of a credible mystery. Mary Lynn

The Embroidered Corpse by Brian Kavanagh

Superior in quality, this novel will grip you from first to last page and leave you wanting more from this very talented writer! Viviane Crystal

Bloody Ham by Brian Kavanagh

Bloody Ham is a fun, unique read and we look forward to more of Belinda and Hazel in the future. Vanessa Lee, Armchair Interviews

And our acclaimed Australian Poet:

The Way Back by Nana Ollerenshaw

From the underbelly of the world, poems of a nurse, a trekker and a traveller.

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