Tuesday, 21 April 2009

London Book Fair - A few facts and photos from Tuesday

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Day Two

A day of seminars, in
cluding what the publishing industry may be like in 2020 (left) and the Keynote Seminar – Digital Publishing (right).

Favourite snippets from today:

“In the future publishers will be geared to the international world. With editors, printing presses, authors all working in different parts of the world and time zones.” It sounds like BeWrite Books are already in the future!

“Smaller indie publishers maybe unable to match major players’ digital infrastructure, but that lets you take risks, be more innovative and helps forge closer ties with readers.” Dan Franklin, Canongate

Keywords or phrases so far at LBF 2009:
  • Digital revolution
  • Disintermediation
  • Interoperable DRM
  • Content is King
  • Futurscape
  • Price Parity (of eBooks, paperbacks and hardbacks)
  • Piracy (of digital content)
More facts, figures and sites to investigate.
  • "The internet will the main retail channel for book sales in Britain within 3 years, despite accounting for only 14% of current sales." PubTrack
  • "Online content and adverts account for twice as much importance as print reviews.’"Kelly Gallagher
  • Authonomy is visited by editors, agents and publishers who read what is posted and take note of it too.
  • Bookbox a book video site to provide a platform for publishers to showcase their author and book videos.
  • Book Army even though it’s designed by Harper Collins, it has books from all publishers and it is a social networking site for all book lovers.
LBF also has less strenuous events for visitors.

Sarah Waters being interviewed by her editor, Lennie Goodings, and discussing her new book The Little Stranger

And wafting delicious smells throughout Earls Court Two is the LBF Gourmand Cook Book Corner. Trina Hahnemann from Denmark begins to cook the first of three dishes.

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