Friday, 21 August 2009

"Masters of the Hunt" by Hugh McCracken published today!

Now fully trained for grim medieval warfare and in their mid teens, Hugh McCracken’s small band of once-reluctant time travellers take history into their own hands and journey back to 13th Century Scotland where age-old friends – and bitter enemies – are waiting.

In their desperate bid to save the dukedom of the young nobleman they have taken under their wing, the time-shifting Lords of Möbius recruit a squad of turncoat mercenaries to their cause ... and a teenaged William ‘Braveheart’ Wallace, unsuspectingly destined for battle, glory, torture and excruciating execution.

Once again in his popular series of thought-provoking historical adventure novels, McCracken meticulously recreates the harsh realities of medieval life and death as his heroes and anti-heroes struggle to apply a modern mind-set to the cruelties and superstitions of a world, geographically on their very doorstep, but 750 years distant in time.

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