Sunday, 9 May 2010


Hawkeyes among you may have noticed a new section on the BeWrite Books homepage offering freelance editorial, design and technical services ... at a price ... and only if we have time ... and only if we really fancy the job offer. Not exactly the ol' hard sell, eh?

But if it's the world's worst advertising pitch, that's OK by us. We really are pretty busy and any freelance work would be handled on our few precious days off.

On the other hand, BeWrite Books is still in the break-even stages (which is more than can be said for those much bigger houses that are in dire straits if they haven't already gone belly-up), so the odd freelance  commercial commission  for full-time staff who live with  little financial reward for their  BB work would be refreshing, and would mean a welcome few bob in the pocket of whoever handles it.

BUT ... and this is a big BUT ... do read the not-so-small print which I want to make doubly clear by reproducing it here:

*FOOTNOTE: Especially since the advent of internet, the publishing industry has been rudely invaded by so-called ‘publishers’ whose sole aim is to sell authors who innocently submit their work expensive services of dubious value in return for ‘publication’ through what amounts to a vanity press business model. It is for this reason that BeWrite Books itself must stand apart from any freelance activity on the part of individual members of the permanent BeWrite Books team. It is why authors who employ the freelance services of an individual BeWrite Books staffer must be disqualified from submitting to BB itself and why those authors whose submitted work has been declined by BB will not be considered as freelance clients.

So please never let it be said that BeWrite Books encourages submissions as a front to flog services to innocent wannabes. Submissions to BeWrite Books for publication will be handled, as always, strictly on a merit basis, and those authors we choose to work with will ALWAYS have all professional services -- editorial, technical, design, art, promotional, etc, etc, and all legal and admin costs -- freely provided by the publisher. That's the  tradition, that's the way it should be, and that's the way it will remain.

Cheers. Neil

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