Thursday, 10 June 2010


Congratulations to Liza Granville whose new novel, The Tor, is released this week by BeWrite Books.

This outstanding novel -- an apocalyptic fantasy with its feet firmly on the ground -- is Liza's third BB title ... and it really has bowled us over.

It's also one of the first titles Tony has worked on to produce, as well as the usual high quality paperback, perfect ebook versions in PDF, ePub and MobiPocket formats. That should cover pretty well every way you might want to read The Tor.

To learn more about the book and about Liza and to read an extract, just click on the open book icon in the top right margin of this page to reach the site (, opt for the book-store and click on the cover of Liza Granville's The Tor.

For those interested in the details: the book was handled editorially by Hugh McCracken, text and cover was designed by Tony Szmuk ... and we all (as usual) joined in the proof reading. Printing is by Lightning Source International in the UK and US and ebook formatting and design is by Tony.

But the star of the show is the author ... let's hear it for Liza Granville!

Here's the back cover text ... and if, after reading, you go to the  BeWrite store, to learn a little about Liza you'll know the answer to a question below that could win you a free copy.

Among the rotting ruins and open sores of a diseased Earth, Jude – sole survivor of a solitary group of hungry travellers and scavengers – is destined for a vital task ... but those who knew what that task is are all dead.

Bewildered and questing, Jude makes an epic Odyssey across a dying and decaying landscape of corrupt countryside and crumbling cities, thinly peopled by savage killers and unworldly dreamers, in a desperate bid to discover what he is meant to do.

Along the winding way, he gathers new companions: a wretched waif, rescued from slavery and cannibalism, a mysterious woman of beauty and secrets, and an equally mysterious, though anything but beautiful, old man of unfathomable prophesies and ferocious violence. At times, Jude feels his tired old wagon horse is his only true ally as the once-clear dividing line between friend and foe becomes blurred.

In this futuristic re-telling of ancient Grail legends, Jude becomes knight errant in a joust to the death between fear and duty.

Will he become the saviour of humanity or its doomed scapegoat at the end of days ... when his quest finally brings him to The Tor?

With characters that become as familiar as personal friends and enemies, a story that is both vaguely remembered and vividly fresh, and pages that seem to turn in the wind, Liza Granville inspires her reader to ask, for new reasons, the age-old question ... is our very presence on the only planet we know intimately the problem or the solution? Are we Mother Nature’s children or her killer?

First paper reader to answer the question below in a comment to this blog post will get a free paperback of The Tor. First digital reader to post the answer in comments will get the ebook download format of choice.


Cheers. Neil


  1. Liza lives and writes in the UK.

  2. Nicely, FibCarver. Do you want paperback or an ebook download? Just drop an email to (use the @ sign, of course) and I'll fix it. Congratulations -- a wonderful book. Best wishes. Neil

  3. I've sent you an email, Neil. What a cool win! I'm looking forward to the read.

  4. Fib is looking forward to a spanking new Kobo ebook-reader for her birthday, so she's chosen an ePub download of Liza's *The Tor* to christen her new machine (and a great wee device is the Kobo).

    So that leaves a free *The Tor* paperback up for grabs to anyone who can answer the very, very tough question posed in the blog post above(and no peeping at Fib's answer!)

    Cheers. Neil

  5. She lives in UK. Thought so before I read the info because of the tor [Dartmoor?]

  6. PS. I'd never seen the website befire. It is absolutely beautiful and I'm jealous.

  7. Hya Daffni. You're on the ball. Ebook or paperback? Drop me a line at (use the @ sign, of course). Include a landmail address if you'd like *The Tor* in paperback. Congratulations -- you've won a terrific novel. Very best. Neil

  8. Surely the tor refers to Glastonbury in this case? I am a sucker for apocalyptic novels - I've written one somewhere - and Glastonbury Tor is the cover art for my Exit, Pursued by a Bee. So spooky I have to read The Tor.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Post above removed for typo ... The Tor, I'm advised, is not in *Eggland*.

    The tor could be anywhere, Geoff. But you're right that Glastonbury Tor in England is the inspiration and model for Liza's *The Tor*

    In fact, your own excellent *Exit Pursued by a Bee* caused us some head-scratching. When you re-covered, you used an image almost identical to that we had in mind for Liza's book, and we had to start over.

    Believe it or not, we haven't had a taker yet for the paperback offered in this blog post, and your astute observation pretty well answers our question. Drop me a line to remind me of your address in Chester and I'll mail your prize today.

    Best wishes. Neil