Wednesday, 28 July 2010


Released today by BeWrite Books is Mark Moehlman's Target Market.

Ever wondered what data is being collected and carefully distributed when you casually swipe your card at the supermarket or down at the gym ... and how it's used?

The hunt for an online serial killer in the market for targets reveals the chilling answer. Could you be on someone's computer-generated death list?

Click on the BeWrite Books open book icon to the right of this blog post and visit the front page of the bookstore section to read more about the book and its author and for an extract from the brand new BB novel.

For those interested: the edit was by Hugh McCracken and the cover art, external and internal design was by Tony Szmuk and -- as usual -- everyone on the team was involved in the proof reading. Print is by Lightning Source International in the US and UK and distribution by Ingrams.

The ebook version is avaliable for immediate download in PDF, ePub and Mobi fomats. Ebooks prepared in house by Tony Szmuk.

Best wishes and happy reading. Neil Marr

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