Friday, 27 May 2011



A trophy presented to Iron Foot Jock by HRH
 Queen Victoria after his historic flight in May 1836
As you all no doubt know, next week sees the 175th anniversary of the first solo crossing of the Irish Sea in a hot air balloon by my revered ancestor Iron-Foot Jock MacGuffin of Auchenshoogle, Scotland. 

Iron-Foot, a renowned haggis-treader (hence the nickname by which he is today universally known), whose haggis wine became legendary in Highland bothies, and  who was a 400-a-day kipper-smoker (believed to have been a contributing factor to his sudden death at the age of 144), was ninety-eight years old at the time of his historic flight in May 1836.

In celebration of this momentous feat, the team here has decided to fly a freebie ...

For the next week, all registered followers of the BeWrite Books blog can choose any title from our catalogue and email for a free ebook download in the format of their choice (please don’t forget to specify ePub, Mobi or PDF).

This members-only exclusive offer is extended to those many casual readers we have who take a minute or so to actually register as BB blog followers before next Friday (June 3 – with extra time thrown in to accommodate all clock zones).

No strings attached, but a few lines of review here and there would be a nice touch. We and our authors would really appreciate that kind thought.

We’ll also send a free paperback of any BB title to the first two registered members to ask and  who  provide their landmail addresses for delivery.

Just email (use the @ sign, of course) with your desired title and – in the case of ebooks – the best digital format for you. If you’re not sure of that, just let us know what reading platform you use and we’ll work it out.

Happy weekend and happy reading. Neil, Tony, et al at BB


  1. Happy to send the free paperback to Jessica, who was first to email a print book request. Enjoy 'Bad Seed' Jessica.

    Ebooks up for grabs until next Friday. Look forward to hearing from you. Neil

  2. Oh, and one paperback left for the asking, too. Just email me with a delivery address assap. Neil

  3. 'Fraid the paperback offer's closed now with Jennifer's request for 'The Wolf Has No Pillow'. Happy reading, Jennifer.

    Ebooks still in the lucky-bag, folks. Please don't forget to tell me what digital format you prefer.

    Cheers. Neil

  4. To register with the blog, by the way, all you need do is click on 'follow' in the right margin here and follow the simple instructions. Only takes a few seconds. N