Wednesday, 21 December 2011


BeWrite Books’ team, authors and readers are of all ages, colours, nationalities and creeds. But, unlike the ‘outside’ world, we get along like one big, happy clan.

Maybe it’s our shared passion for books and the fascinatingly different characters populating them, the places and eras we're transported to, the previously unexplored possibilities and visions, that promotes such understanding and mutual respect ...

And that makes life such a wonder-filled trip for us all.

Books sans frontiers!

You’re never alone with a book. It’s a pact between you and an author and his or her support group of editors, designers and technicians.

Reading is a shared experience, an exchange of views and stories, dreams and – sometimes – nightmares. Laughs and tears come with the partnership package as in any close friendship.

When did you last close a book, then not sit and think again about the rainbow of life?

Thanks for making 2011 such a busy and interesting year for BB, folks.

In return, we’ll be presenting you with a spanking new website – chock full of surprises – early in January, and with an increased release schedule of sparkling new titles from some of the most gifted authors on the planet over the coming twelve months.

Have a wonderful holiday time with your nearest and dearest – never forgetting the lonely neighbor down the road and those millions of earth-born companions and fellow mortals to whom the next two weeks will be no more than part of a continual struggle against hunger, poverty, despair and fear.

Love, luck and very best wishes to everyone. We’ll be raising our glasses to all points of the compass when the Hogmanay bells ring in New Year in whatever time zones we find ourselves.
Neil, Tony, Hugh and Sam


  1. Thank you, Neil, Tony, Hugh, and Sam… Wishing all of you a great 2012 right back.
    All the best!
    Janice and Mark (and Lucky Press)

  2. Thanks Janice and Mark -- and luck to Lucky, too. Very best wishes. Neil et al

  3. 2011 was a tremendous year - thanks to you guys at BeWrite Books, my second novel According to Luke has circumnavigated the entire globe! So if 2012 is anything like what we have seen this year, it promises to blow the socks off everyone. Happy barefoot New Year!

  4. We're getting to places, Rosanne, where we didn't even know there were places a year or two back. Here's to a great 2012. Love and luck. Neil et al

  5. Anne aka amward on MR23 December 2011 at 09:06

    Keep up the good work folks and have a great festive season.

  6. Thanks, Anne. We'll do our very bestests, as ever. Love and luck for 2012. Neil et al