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Double congratulations today to far-seeing and world-renowned Science Fiction artist and author Karl Kofoed.

*The second of his ‘Jupiter’s Reef Trilogy’, The Farthest Reef – sequel to Jupiter’s Reef – is released (Friday Feb 17).

*And Karl becomes the first established BeWrite Books author (with three earlier BB titles under his belt) to use to advantage our new Ebook-First policy with top quality digital editions published before paperback becomes available: A little like the traditional expensive hardback before cheap paperback release system in publishing, only in reverse ... and with much increased author royalties to boot.

(There’s a detailed explanation of BB’s groundbreaking Ebook-First principle on our made-over 2012 website HERE).

In his four decades as a leading light in Science Fiction circles, Karl has always looked far ahead, and with uncanny accuracy of vision ... eyes on the skies, but feet firmly on the ground.

He was the first to tell us: “Gentlemen, the future is today!” His wise words have since become our house slogan.



Interplanetary explorer Alex Rose broke all the rules, faced all the dangers, and made the greatest discovery in human history ... life teeming beneath the dense clouds of Jupiter’s Great Red Spot.

And that’s enough for one man’s lifetime. He thought.

He and his forbidden wife, the gorgeous Sensor clone Mary Seventeen, are in peaceful retreat on Ganymede, awaiting the arrival of their first child.

But their contentment is shattered by urgent orders to take up an even greater challenge: the first faster-than-light mission to another solar system.

Escaping an Earth ravaged by war, the starship Goddard, a gigantic self-contained biosystem with a crew of over a thousand, embarks to the red dwarf Lalande 21185 on its maiden voyage. Alex and Mary must go along, with their shuttle, Diver, to explore the orbiting and ancient gas giant planet, also named Lalande.

Since a reef of complex and possibly intelligent life had naturally evolved on Jupiter, what alien life – or even civilizations – might have developed on a much older planet? Would its existence destroy any chance of Goddard, the Noah’s Ark of mankind – from succeeding? Alex and Mary’s assignment is to find out.

The Farthest Reef is the sequel to Jupiter’s Reef and the second in Karl Kofoed’s ‘Jupiter’s Reef Trilogy’. The series will conclude with release in spring or early summer of The Infinite Reef.

Like his celebrated illustrated work, Kofoed’s writing lures the reader with a palpable and thrilling sense of a world as alien to humans as it is full of wonder … and peril. NM


Author Karl Kofoed
Karl Kofoed’s artwork, by the way, contributed to NASA’s recent Cassini Mission to Saturn, providing what the mission chief deemed the most potentially accurate views of the planet’s moons. His unearthly but amazingly prophetic scenic predictions became the water cooler talk of astronomers around the world.

There’s more about Jupiter’s Reef and the new Farthest Reef in the BeWrite Books bookstore HERE, where there are also exciting free mini-ebook brochures containing book notes, author biography and generous extracts, which can be read on screen, downloaded or printed out.

Both titles are available now in all ebook formats for all electronic reading platforms – from PC and laptops, through all dedicated ebook-reading devices, tablets and smart phones – direct from BEWRITE BOOKS or from all major and many independent online ebook retail stores.

You can read about and see more Karl Kofoed’s work, and that of his futuristic jewelry creator wife, Janet, on their website and experience the breath-taking artwork that inspired NASA on its Saturn mission by looking around the site.

INFO. Author: Karl Kofoed. Editor: Hugh McCracken. Cover Image: Karl Kofoed. Design and technical preparation: Tony Szmuk. Additional input: The BeWrite Books team.

Happy weekend, folks. Neil Marr et al at BeWrite Books

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