Wednesday, 7 April 2010


Hya folks:

Just arrived home an hour ago after rush surgery and a ten-day stay in a clinic in Monaco and, although sitting at the desk will sting a bit for a few more days and my new computer system isn't yet installed, I wanted to drop a quick line through the blog to thank you all for your good wishes.Your support makes for a speedy and optimistic recovery. Laughter may be good medicine -- but good ol' friends are even better.

And I'm told by the surgeons that their timely intervention might well have headed off a whole buncha trouble that was just waiting to happen; so, much as I missed being operational at a vital time for Bewrite Books, it turned out to be, quite literally, a few stiches in time.

And when Tony and his wife Calina (don't know if she and Tony realise that her lovely name translates as 'warm and affectionate' here in the south of France) phoned from Canada when I came-to after my operation, they didn't even mention what was going on in my absence. One quick glance at the new website a few minutes ago was enough to show that Tony has been employing all his artistic, creative and technical skill -- not to mention burning the midnight oil -- to be sure we don't fall behind schedule in our plans for the near and longer term future to take BB and its authors where they belong in the world of literature.

The new site is now all but complete. But it's a living thing and will constantly be updated, improved and modified. We plan to time the next full  reconstruction of, though, to coincide with the first successful manned NASA mission to Neptune ... there's just about as much work involved.

Meantime, we are now open to new submissions and talent scouting the cream of new authors and works to nurture, produce and rigorously promote along with our excellent band of existing writers and their books. Everyone involved can look forward to a brighter than ever future with wider and ever-widening exposure and sales potential. No writers could deserve it more than they do.

Top of the food chain, of course, are our readers. We will not let them down. And -- in return for their interest, encouragement, and loyalty -- they can expect regular special deals, fascinating contests and book prizes if they keep tabs on and the hundreds of online stores (great and small) we're partnering with to offer our paperbacks and ebooks to lovers of literature in almost every country in the world.

It's good to be back, pals ... but now my in-house nurse, Skovia, reckons I'd better snatch an hour's bed time. Back in the saddle soon. Promise.

Love and luck to you all. Neil et al

PS: In my rush to get this note of thanks out  to you yesterday, I overlooked my promise of a book-related video at the foot of each blog post. Here you go ... this condenses the six hours one pro cover artist spent on a single job to just a couple of minutes' high speed film. This is one of Tony's  several  painstaking  tasks at BeWrite Books. What this video fails to mention, though, is that the first design seldom makes the cut. at a  democratic publishing house like BB. Tony often puts in all this work to several different versions  of a mutually agreed concept (itself sometimes weeks in discussion) before everyone involved -- author, editor, technical and promotional sides -- unanimously agree on what design sticks and will be used : 


  1. Good to have you fit and well, back home and installed behind your computer once more, Neil. All our thoughts have been with you. Now, you just might get down to some serious reading of the odd adventure story you've had submitted!! We'll talk soon I'm sure. Very best wishes for a speedy recovery. John

  2. Good news, Neil. Hope the recovery will be swift and painless. Take it easy before the onslaught!

  3. Thanks, chaps. Feeling better by the hour. Should soon be back in the swing of things. Cheers. Neil