Monday, 29 March 2010


Guess who's among the very first publishers to have its entire catalogue on offer at Apple's iPad bookstore for the groundbreaking new iPad tablet computer/ebook reader ... yep, BeWrite Books.

Through our partnership with in the USA, all BB titles will be uploaded to Apple on Wednesday (about the same time I'm in surgery for a far less welcome operation) and will start to show very soon.

Up to that date, only the 'Big Six' had been invited for the launch of the new enterprise: Hachette, Harper Collins, Macmillan, Penguin, Random House and Simon & Schuster. They all eagerly signed up with the exception of Random House, which has a case of the jitters over the financial implications of Apple's new 'agency model' to replace traditional retail commissions.

Back with you all very soon, I hope. While I'm away, try to rustle up some more followers for this blog -- contributors, too (just email me your input). The next blog post will be as soon as I come round from the surgery and get internet access.

Love and luck. Neil

PS: As promised here's another book-related video. This one's for those of you who still think ebooks won't stand the test of time:


  1. Great news Neil ... is there more information to come on how we can post a link from our websites and other online locales so that all our friends, family and fans can purchase our works conveniently and effortlessly? Thank you for your work on this and good luck with your operation!

  2. That's great news! Brave new world, indeed.

  3. Thanks, folks. Yep, we'll put out all the relevant links and promotional stuff as soon as we have them. Keep tabs on the main BB site, too, because they'll also pop up there. (The site's almost finished, by the way. Worth a visit.)

    As a parting shot just before I leave for hospital in half an hour (thanks for the kind good wishes), Tony and I fixed a deal over the weekend and yesterday with the CEO of another brave new ebook distributor (registered in South Africa but with International reach) called *Silver Publishing*. I'll fill you in on details when I escape from Cloud Cuckoo Land.

    Hoots. Neil