Tuesday, 29 March 2011


What a thought-provoking and admirably researched whirlwind of a mystery thriller is today’s new release from Rosanne Dingli ... According to Luke.

It’s a story based on a religious puzzle for the INTELLIGENT reader intrigued by little-known historical fact and who loves the thrills and spills of the thoroughly modern international chase.

Its pages are peopled by a cast of truly three-dimensional characters – some adorable, some deplorable, and all much more (or less) than they appear on  introduction. Relationships are not always what they seem to be – and some pose problems that are currently prickly. Dingli brings it all to life with the unfortgettable style of a master wordsmith.

Here’s what the back cover text tells us:

Shattered by the breakdown of yet another romance, Jana Hayes becomes a recluse in her tiny Venice apartment and buries herself in her work as an expert art conservator … until an ancient religious icon brings Roman Catholic priest Rob Anderson into her life.
The secret they discover hidden in the mysterious artefact turns out to be not only devastating, but deadly.  And it has the star-crossed couple running for their lives across Europe and the Middle East, pursued by three ruthless opposing factions, each for its own reason determined to torture and kill to lay hands on the world-shaking evidence uncovered.
While Rob struggles with his priestly vows and Jana with an overbearing billionaire mother who holds the purse strings to an outrageous ransom demand, they discover, with the help of an ageing genius symbologist, more and more damning revelations about one of the New Testament’s most sacred gospel writers – and as the evidence mounts, the stakes rise and the blood flows.
An international thriller and a love story … a fast-moving narrative that takes us to the boundaries between mystery and knowledge, between science and religion, and between the sometimes savagely physical and emotional meaning.
Dr Dennis Haskell. Professor of English and Cultural Studies.
University of Western Australia. Co-Editor of Westerly 1985-2009

According to Luke
is available now in paperback at all major online bookstores or on order from your local brick-and-mortar book shop. It is also available in all digital formats at online ebook stores worldwide in bargain-priced digital editions. It can, of course, be bought in paperback or all ebook formats direct from the BeWrite Books bookstore.

Visit the bookstore section of www.bewrite.net, simply click on the book’s cover and be taken to more about the book and its author, pictures, full reviews and a free extract to whet your appetite.

For those interested: 'According to Luke' is written by Rosanne Dingli and edited by Hugh McCracken. The entire BeWrite Books editorial team and its regular beta-readers, as always, is involved in proof-reading and final polish. Cover artwork and design, internal text design and all technical work is by Tony Szmuk. Ebook is available in PDF, Mobi (for Kindle) and industry standard ePub formats. All BeWrite Books ebooks are free of DRM padlocks and -- at least at our own store and many others -- without geographical restriction  on sale or download or price loading of our recommended $5.95 (US) retail cover price.


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    ***An author's excitement on release of a new book shines trough every line of Rosanne's blog today. Heart-warming reading. Sorry I can't seem to post live links in comments. Just copy and paste the URL below to your browser -- and voila. Cheers to all and congratulations to Rosanne. Neil


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  3. This is the first moment I've found - in the rush and excitement of the past week - to put a few words here about how much I appreciate every word that comes from BeWrite. The support has been nothing short of splendid. Full marks, team!

  4. Thankee kindly, Ma'am. We aims to please. And thanks to you for a superb new book. Proud to see the BB logo on the spine of 'According to Luke'. Neil et al