Friday, 15 April 2011


Here’s a neat wee promotional initiative Tony has implemented that will do all BeWrite Books’ authors and their readers and reviewers a barrow-load of good.

And it takes only a few seconds to put into effective and to powerful use.

If you go to the BeWrite Books website at or click on the open-book icon at the top right of this post to take you there and open the front page of the bookstore section, just scroll down in the right-hand margin, through the coming-soon titles, until you reach ‘Install Our Toolbar’. Click 'Install Toolbar' and ... voila ... it's done and dusted.

(And now -- just a few minutes after I posted the original Friday blog -- Tony has placed the toolbar button on this blog page to make it even simpler. Just scroll through right margin on this page and click on it for an instant, safe download.)

You’ll now find the BeWrite Books Toolbar unobtrusively placed at the top of the page whenever you open your Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, etc browser page.

Once you have it, you can instantly pull up the BB site, any individual BB blog post or individual BB title, author biography and picture, blurb, review, etc.

And at the click of a mouse, you can share anything BB-related that will help get your book wider exposure -- your comments and specific title (reviewers and readers as well as authors) – with Facebook, Twitter, other social networks, via email, etc, etc. It's roller coaster promo that can be used to pique interest almost by the day.

The potential shop-windowing and the increased possibility of a book (and don't forget you all now have ebooks out there, too) ‘going viral’. The mushrooming word-of-mouth recommendation dream of all authors and enthusiastic reviewers and readers is here and it is enormous.

Tony and I have been experimenting with the new toolbar all week and it’s now so simple to use that even folks past their teen years can use it. In fact, even I can. And those who know my technical nous (or absolute innocence of it) will realise that statement alone speaks volumes.

Pretty nifty, eh? Good on ya Tony ... again!

Good luck, folks – and please do let us know in comments to this blog post of the positive results you’re bound to achieve soon. PLEASE try it for you own good.

Ciao for niao. Neil, Tony, Hugh, Sam, Ian et al at BB

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  1. By the way, fols, a couple of pals have had trouble downloading the toolbar.

    Please do be sure than you're running the latest verion of your Firefox, Internet Explorer or Chrome browser.

    It's in your interest to update now,quickly, safely and freely.

    You'll notice no difference in your browser's presentation, functions and performance at a glance. What you will find is that you can upload new accessories (like our toolbar), can access more websites, and will be sure to get their latest versions rather than outdated incarnations.There may also be an improvement in speed.

    Cheers. Neil