Friday, 22 April 2011


If you've not yet downloaded the new BeWrite Books toolbar to your browser, just click on the link in the right margin of this blog or in the right margin of the bookstore section of

So what use is it? Lots ...

From that neat little bar, now quietly nestled at the top of your browser, you can access any BB blog about your book/s, access the BB website and pull up your title/s, biographies, reviews, book details, etc, etc, and instantly share your selected page – your book’s cover image and all – with all social network sites like Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Google Buzz, etc, etc at the click of a button at the foot of your chosen BB page.

You can also share it with other blogs and email it to friends and fans.

And you can encourage others - friends, family, readers -- to download the BB toolbar and help spread the word on your behalf.

In other words, you can put what you want to be seen in front of countless millions around the world on a daily basis if the fancy takes you. And it’ll take only a minute or two of your time over a breakfast coffee. 

Now is that massive free advertising ... or is that massive free advertising?

You need to be sure that your browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome whatever) is up to date.  Free, safe and quick downloads of the latest versions are all over the net. New versions will not change your browsing habits in the slightest, but older versions may not support accessories like our new toolbar and may take you to fewer websites and extinct versions of sites.

Also, of course, you need to register with the network sites themselves, And if you haven’t already done so you really must if your work is to get the exposure it deserves. Anyone new to Facebook for instance, can 'befriend' me and I'll put you in touch with your fellow BeWrite Books authors, readers, fans, etc to spread the net even wider. Everyone's just a mouse click away.

Good luck, folks. And just drop me and/or Tony a line if you hit any pot holes.

Best wishes and happy Easter weekend. Neil

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  1. If you're keeping your eyes on the networking sites, Google Alerts, Google Buzz, Yahoo, etc, you'll have noticed in the last few days that -- using the toolbar -- I've been able to kick-start a new round of promotion for some BB authors and titles.

    But I can;t effectively do this on my own. I need your help to spread the word. You can do this for yourself and your own title/s on a daily basis in a few seconds simply by using the BB bar. Nothing simpler and promo breeds promo. Cheers. Neil