Thursday, 5 January 2012


The festivities are over and hangovers are hung-up until next time. And since the sparkling new BeWrite Books website went live this week, it’s been All Systems GO!

Our revolutionary Ebook-First with ready-to-go for-print files policy is already proving more popular than we’d ever expected, and our new free mini-ebooks for each BB title are doing the job we’d hoped for, thanks to our energetic, imaginative authors, in-house promotions folks and online syndication and trade press exposure.

More than 120 BB mini-ebooks went live this week, with full-color cover, book notes, author biographies, reviews and free extracts. They're there for the sharing, so spread them around, add them to blogs and websites, email them to contacts and fans. Use them as best you possibly can. We certainly will because they took Tony and the team months to compile and we ain't about to let all that effort and unique initiative wither on the vine.

There are currently more than fifty exclusive, contacted but as yet unpublished, BB titles at various stages of editorial, design and technical preparation for release as soon as possible, and new offerings are flooding in by the day since we re-opened to fresh submissions on January 1. (The first arrived at my desk three minutes after midnight in the New Year. Thanks!)

There’s never been such a thing as a free lunch. At BeWrite, we’ve learned there’s not even such a thing as free time for lunch. 2012 will see us all working harder than ever.

We’re a small pro team, as you know, so have a tad of patience to help us in what we believe is the future of the kind of publishing that matters. Please grant us the time necessary to apply ...

*Rigorous selection of potential titles.

**Editorial, cover and text design, and technical excellence.

***Blanket international marketing for effective launch.

****On-release and ongoing promotion.

*****And please do – whether a newcomer or an old hand at BeWrite Books – take time to study our new website. Pay particular attention to the lengthy but informative SUBMISSIONS section. The nifty brochure there lays the ground rules for untested authors and provides an important option to existing BeWriters.

There are more and more self-publishing 'opportunities' out there all the time if you’re in a rush to present potentially flawed mediocrity in arrogance or ignorance – some are push-button author mills playing the numbers game, others ask cash up front for dubious ‘services’ that can cost authors from hundreds to thousands of dollars, euros or pounds. They will 'publish' anything that comes their way. Make no mistake, their interest in books extends no further than bank books. Then you're on your own.

But if you want meaningful publication by an established publishing house of industry professionals that cuts no corners and asks no fees, DON’T expect instant publication at BeWrite Books. Hold your horses and work with us to make the very best of your work. It probably took years to write. Give us the time we need to get it right if we select your book for treatment and publication.

The choice is yours ... instant gratification through a sloppy rush job, or everlasting pride in a piece of solidly prestigious work, thoroughly and well treated in every way; a book for which the reader will thank you and admire you.

In 'true' publishing, a little patience is a great virtue.

We, like you, know the old story of the ‘Tortoise and the Hare’. Never forget who won!

Our motto has always been and will always be: “More haste ... more waste.”

BB will NOT contribute to the ever-growing heap of the sub-standard that once (often rightly) languished in a publisher's or agent’s slush pile but that now, far too often, sees the light of day as ‘self-published’.

We believe the reader should not break his or her heart panning a murky river for the rare chance of a tiny nugget of gold. Recreational reading time is precious. We respect the discerning reader as much as we do the diligent author.

BeWrite is about books ... but ONLY about good books.

Bear with us and raise your head above the herd in 2012.

Luck and best wishes. Neil, Tony, Hugh, Sam et al at BB

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