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The reader can only gasp in wonder at the talent, skill, productive energy and sheer scope of creative vision displayed by author Steve Attridge.

He’s written a dozen popular TV series including smash crime drama, The Bill, hit feature films, eleven children’s novels, a scholarly historical nonfiction book published by Macmillan, has picked up two prestigious BAFTA nominations, the Gregory Award for Poetry and the Royal TV Society Award for best drama with his Queen’s Nose. He recently completed a Science Fiction movie script. And, as anything but the archetypal Oxford Don, he has also lectured on literature and screen writing at universities throughout the UK, Europe and Asia.

Then Steve turned to novels with his debut, the hilarious but visionary Bottom of the List, published by BeWrite Books in 2011 ... and now to gritty fantasy with BeWrite Books release today (May 4) of his The Harrowing of Ben Hartley.

Here’s what his new adventure in psychologically-grounded fantasy is all about ...



Timid Ben Hartley’s life is not easy. His mother’s boyfriend is a malevolent bully. School is a friendless ordeal. His sleep is increasingly hijacked by strange dreams ... and the world  becomes more real when he is asleep than when he is awake.

But when his mother takes him to a psychiatrist, things only get worse. Dark figures from his dreams start to leak into waking life, including the strange and uncompromising Wolf.

Ben learns that he has been assigned a seemingly impossible task requiring courage he does not possess. And when people around him start disappearing and dying, he must face the greatest ordeals of his life.

His enemies are legion – the Nomads, the Hunters, and the vague and destructive figure that is always just on the blurred edge of vision. His own friends and family are not to be trusted either.

Ordinary life is threatened by its mirror image, and as everything he knows crashes and collapses, Ben is forced to make life-and-death decisions to save humanity from a hellish twilight world where nightmares are both real and everlasting.
Award-winning screen writer and novelist Stephen Attridge’s ‘The Harrowing of Ben Hartley’ fantasy thriller reveals how the surreal dream world of an asthmatic, solitary and frightened teenager becomes terrifyingly real – for everyone.

Author Steve Attridge

The Harrowing of Ben Hartley
is available now in paperback from all online stores and selected brick-and-mortar bookshops. It’s also released in low-price ebook editions for the full range of electronic reading devices and can be bought from any major online bookstore and from the BeWrite Books BOOKSTORE.

A free downloadable twenty-five page book brochure for The Harrowing of Ben Hartley, including cover, book description, author biography and photograph, and first chapter, is HERE and a similar brochure for Bottom of the List is HERE. (Please allow five seconds for these mini-ebook productions to download.)

For those who like to know the details ... Author: Steve Attridge (of Warwickshire, England and sometimes of Spain). Editor: Hugh McCracken. Cover, internal text design and technical preparation: Tony Szmuk. Publisher: BeWrite Books, Canada and USA. International print distribution: Ingram. Ebooks distribution: BeWrite Books Independent Digital Distribution Division. Added input: The BeWrite Books team.

Happy weekend and best wishes. Neil, Tony, Hugh and Sam at BB 

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