Thursday, 10 May 2012


Few authors develop the rare knack of bridging a perceived gap between fact and fantasy; Phil Locascio has.

In his The Harbor of Ill Will, it’s not a matter of the reader discovering where reality is suspended and its alternative state takes over; not a question of where dreams end and nightmares begin. That would be too tough a call because Locascio has used his art to expertly smooth over the cracks where these very human perceptions of the world we inhabit meet.

A measure of its subtlety is that it could conveniently fit into many genre pigeon holes – psychological thriller, fantasy, war, romance, commercial intrigue, mystery and suspense – but the novel is a comfortable fit for none.

The Harbor of Ill Will is released today (May 11) by BeWrite Books in paperback and ebook editions. Here’s what its back cover text tells us …


In 1928 Demetri Davos discovers a mysterious crystal ball that has the power to grant him anything he asks.

But when two selfish requests result in the death of innocent people, the boy realizes the terrible price that must be paid for every vain wish and resolves never to use the globe again.

When the Nazis begin their march across France, though, the desperate half-Jew Demetri is forced into a life-or-death decision and has to break his vow to escape, regardless of the consequences.

Years later in Chicago, he is rich and happily married – but a vengeful nemesis, aware of the globe’s power, now wants what he’s owed. And he’ll stop at nothing to get it.

When his family is put in peril, Demetri is forced to pay the piper for his past … and for wishes granted … time after time … after time …

From Europe to America, across the years, Phil Locascio’s The Harbor of Ill Will traces one good man’s struggle to combat his own inadequacies and resist overwhelming temptation in a deadly moral tug-of-war.


Author Phil Locascio
You can read on screen or download a free thirty-page mini-ebook brochure of Harbor of Ill Will including cover, author biography and picture, and the first chapter HERE.

Phil Locascio is the author of three novels, The Sins of Orville Sand, The Sorcerer of Hooterville and The Restoration of Josef Mundt. He is also the author of a collection of short stories, Howling Hounds, and has had dozens of short stories published in magazines and anthologies. Several of his tales have received Honorable Mention in The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror. He welcomes comments from readers of The Harbor of Ill Will BY EMAIL.

The Harbor of Ill Will ebook editions are available in all formats from all major online stores for reading on all electronic platforms from PCs, and laptops, through the full range of ebook-dedicated e-ink devices and tablets, to smart phones (RRP $5.95). You can also buy any ebook edition format direct from the BEWRITE BOOKS BOOKSTORE. The paperback will be available from all major online retailers in a few days.

For those interested in the detail behind the book … Author: Phil Locascio. Editor: Hugh McCracken. Cover, internal text design and technical preparation: Tony Szmuk. Print: Lightning Source USA, UK and Australia. Print Distribution: Ingram. Ebook distribution: BeWrite Books Digital Distribution Division. Added input: The BeWrite Books team.

Happy reading and happy weekend, folks. Neil, Tony, Hugh and Sam at BeWrite Books

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