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ALLAKAZZAM! is the magic word that throws open the gates to the wide, wild world of author Daniel Abelman – where slapstick and wisdom ripen on the same tree.

Abelman is our guide on a mystery tour of African and Jewish culture, apartheid, the holocaust, telepathy, police corruption, rigged boxing, exploding dogs, paedophilia, snake charming, horseradish and orthodontics ... while a lovable psychic conman tries to peddle a miraculously discovered manuscript to gullible publishers with more money than sense.

The astute reader navigates a labyrinth of highways and cul-de-sacs from the African bush to Jerusalem, via Germany, solving riddle after riddle (never sure if he, too, is falling under the trickster’s hypnotic spell), until he ultimately finds himself as though waking from a memorable dream – and all the wiser for the experience.

Abelman writes with an enchanted pen and shatters the rules of the novelist’s art by creating new and more ingenious ones of his own, pulling rabbits from hats where other authors don’t even have hats.

His childhood was spent in an African backyard swarming with grasshoppers and over-run with chickens and was interrupted when he was given a pair of black lace-up shoes and sent off to school. Since he became an ex schoolboy, he has been an ex snake-hunter; ex soldier; ex tightrope walker; ex magician; ex restaurant/bar manager; ex hypnotist and ex-peeker into things that people seldom or never see … or in some cases never imagined to exist.

Having won a stake in a card game, the multilingual Abelman flew to Europe. When he found the climate too cold he made his way to the Levant where he now lives in Jerusalem with his wife and four children.

His debut novel, ALLAKAZZAM! is accompanied in this book by three of Abelman’s haunting short stories.

The work is covered and illustrated by talented UK artist, Catherine Edmunds.

ISBN: 978-1-905202-28-7
Price: £5.99
Pages: 160
Coming Soon 2008

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