Monday, 3 March 2008

Review: JOKO by Karl Kofoed

Have you ever wondered what creatures might live on the edge of our world, just out of sight in the shadows of the forest? There came a day when Johnny Tilbury, coalman on a train in British Columbia and his fellow railroaders found out.

A routine run into from Lytton to Yale gave the train crew an adventure they'd never forget. They captured a sasquatch, the creature of legend. They found him hurt, lying by the track and took him secretly into town.

Inside the shed where the creature was held in a cage, Johnny became his keeper and began to learn about the strange captive. Could they communicate? How? Then he began to worry as the others made plans without telling him. So he began to make plans of his own.

Then came the day when Johnny found the shed had a new lock and the sasquatch was gone. The doctor who'd treated the creature's wounds said the men had put him on a train for the Barnum and Bailey circus.

What was Johnny to do? Could he do anything? What?

Beneath the human fear of the unknown, one finds hope in the person of Johnny and the sasquatch. Will it be enough to see them through the trouble ahead?

I'm pleased to recommend this story as a fun read to anyone who enjoys new tales and adventures into the unknown that are not the usual fare. Enjoy. I sure did.

Reviewed by Anne K. Edwards author of Death on Delivery and The Last to Fall

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