Thursday, 8 March 2012


Popular BeWrite Books author John Bray is triple-qualified to have written today’s new release, Code Name: Caleb

He is a dedicated and expert researcher into the American Civil War; as a former under-cover cop, he has long and first-hand experience of secret infiltration techniques and their deadly dangers; and now, as a full-time author, he displays the talent it takes to write up a storm! 

Code Name: Caleb is the sequel to his gripping Ballad of Johnny Madigan in which penniless Johnny lied about his age to become a Union Army soldier, survives horrific injury in the last of the war’s bloodiest battles in which he fought, and is then recruited by the secret service to risk his life out of uniform … as a spy. Read about The Ballad of Johnny Madigan HERE.

In Code Name: Caleb, Johnny – older than his years, but much younger than believed by the army, battle-hardened and now a master of espionage – is sent back to New York to penetrate an underground counterfeiting gang supplying forged US currency to the enemy South.

His assignment takes him to Canada where a murderous Confederate spy ring is plotting an armed uprising to take over New York City and hold it hostage.

Johnny’s dream is to return to childhood sweetheart, Deidre, who kept his hope alive when he was a destitute youth in the city’s slums, but there is more than the daily risk of sudden death keeping him from her as he enters the very heart of the conspiracy.

Suspected by some plotters, he is seduced by a beautiful woman – herself a key member of the gang – whose orders are to expose him as a Northern agent.

Will the war-toughened, but still romantically naïve, Johnny see through sexy Letitia’s love ploy to complete and survive his vital mission and to be re-united with Deidre, or can the conspirators lower his guard with Letitia’s wily help, make their bold, history-changing plan succeed … and see Johnny dead?

Bray’s immaculately researched and race-paced 'Code Name: Caleb' thrusts the reader into the murky depths of intrigue, plot and counter-plot that became the dark underside of the War Between the States.

Author John A. Bray
John Bray is a seventeen-year NYPD vet, who retired as a lieutenant attorney prosecutor and took early retirement to practice as a crime lawyer before becoming a full-time fiction writer and Civil War researcher. He knows what makes the man who is code-named Caleb.

And John is also author of BeWrite Books’ The Confidential, the first of a series featuring intriguingly-flawed anti-hero Dante Falconieri, a police detective who lives in the murky shadows, assigned to the dirtiest undercover job of all … trapping fellow cops on the take from crime lords. Read about it and download the free brochure HERE.

Code Name: Caleb is now available in all digital editions for all electronic reading platforms (from PCs and laptops, through the full range of ebook readers and tablets to smart phones and iPods) at all major online ebook stores.

It is also available direct from the BeWrite Books Bookstore HERE, and you can download a free mini-ebook brochure, with cover, book notes, author biography and picture, and chapter one HERE.

For those interested in the details … Author: John Bray. Editor: Hugh McCracken. Cover art, text design and technical creation of digital editions: Tony Szmuk. Distribution: BeWrite Books. Additional input: the BeWrite Books in-house team.

Happy weekend, folks. Neil, Tony, Hugh, Sam et al at BB

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