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BeWrite Books author Peter Tomlinson aimed to write a gritty thriller to build upon his early military experiences. But how does a writer make such a dramatic switch from a lifetime of poetry and the subtle philosophical messages of his intriguing and on-going historical fantasy series, The Petronicus Legacy?

Peter found the perfect solution to the very real character shift every author must make before creating and identifying with new characters to populate a different type of story ... he made notes, corrections and revision updates to every draft of Brotherly Love in the Morse Code he used during his army days as a signalman!

“A bit like method acting, I suppose,” Peter said. “I had to find a way of keeping in character as I wrote. If you’ll excuse the pun, Morse was the key.”

And it worked. If his name wasn’t on its striking cover, it would be hard to believe that this high-octant action novel – released today by BeWrite Books – was from his pen.

Here’s what Brotherly Love is all about:


‘Brotherly Love’ is the mighty flagship of the renowned Mercy Fleet, financed by one of the richest men on earth to bring emergency relief and medical aid to crippled countries ravaged by poverty, drought, famine and disease ... at least that’s what the world believes.

But love and mercy are far from the true mission of the ‘Brotherly Love’ and its renowned angelic armada. And aged multi-billionaire Vival – internationally praised for his philanthropy – is anything but a selfless humanitarian.

Nearing retirement, Ralph Collingwood has his quiet life in a peaceful English village torn apart when he’s ordered by British intelligence bosses on a last desperate international assignment ... to risk his life in a bid to expose what the cargo of the ‘Brotherly Love’ really is ... misery, torture and death ... and the Mercy Fleet’s sinister mission ... to rip civilization asunder.

Tomlinson’s race-paced thriller spans the wild seas and desolate peaks of the world and of the human spirit as actual brotherly love strives to expose Vival and his Mercy Fleet’s sinister plans for the horrendous evil they are. NM


Author Peter Tomlinson
Peter, who now lives in rural Shropshire, England with his astute and eagle-eyed beta-reading wife, Margaret, draws on his Merseyside roots and colorfully varied life as telegraph boy, soldier, teacher, fencing instructor, mountaineer and overseas cultural guide in his latest novel.

He said: “After the gentler style of poetry and – although the books are filled with action and adventure – The Petronicus Legacy, adjusting to a military theme was daunting. But I’ve never lost my passion for Morse over the years, and when I decided to revert to the code for draft manuscript revisions, it took me right back to early post-war years on Cyprus and the memories and tensions of that time were re-kindled and became crystal clear. Even some of the characters in my book are based on old pals I remember from sixty years ago. Quite a thrill.”

Brotherly Love is now available at the BEWRITE BOOKS BOOKSTORE and at all major international ebook retail stores in all digital formats for reading on all electrical platforms from PCs and laptops through the full range of e-ink reading devices and tablets to smart phones and iPods.

You can also download a twenty-five-page mini ebook brochure of the book, including cover, author biography and picture, and a generous extract HERE.

The Petronicus Legacy is also available in print and ebook editions at all major online stores and also in a 50%-off three-book e-omnibus. The fourth book in The Petronicus Legacy series, The Life of Nistal, is to be released later this year. There’s a free seventy-page mini-ebook brochure for the entire collection so far, including book notes and an excerpt from each book HERE.

For those interested in the detail: Brotherly Love. Author: Peter Tomlinson. Editor: Hugh McCracken. Cover art and design, text design and technical preparation of digital editions: Tony Szmuk. Additional input: the BeWrite Books team. International distribution: BeWrite Books.

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And .... .- .--. .--. -.-- / .-- . . -.- . -. -.. / .- -. -.. / --. --- --- -.. / .-. . .- -.. .. -. --. from Peter Tomlinson, too.
Peter Tomlinson
working his Morse key in the army more than fifty years ago


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