Sunday, 10 July 2011


We promised last week, so here you go, folks: The first BeWrite Books e-Omnibus of three individual and unabridged works, each with its original cover and in the digital format of your choice from all online ebook stores or direct from BeWrite Books, in a single, quick download ... and at bargain basement price.
     Omnibus #1 is Jenny Telfer Chaplin's The Candleriggs Trilogy – complete. It will be followed on July 15 by Hugh McCracken's The Masters of Mobius: a Medieval Time Travel Trilogy. And on July 18 we will release the first three books in Brian Kavanagh's ongoing Belinda Lawrence Mysteries series in a single download omnibus edition. From there in, BB e-bundles will be released at a rate of at least one per week. So watch this blog for release announcements, and p-p-pick up a parcel.
     You can still buy the individual ebooks anywhere on line or direct from THE BEWRITE BOOKS BOOKSTORE at a recommended cover price of $5.95. These BB e-collections, though, offer THREE titles at a saving of more than 40% with a cover price of just $9.95. This is a tad less than the very minimum charged for a single volume by those many publishers using what's called the 'Agency Five' pricing model which allows no discounting of cover price.
     "What a coincidence!" some sarcastically noted this last week. "Three for less than the price of one under A5M." 
     Yes indeed. What a coincidence, eh? And may the gods bless you for noticing and -- in some cases unintentionally -- spreading the good word.

Anyway, here's what Jenny's Candleriggs Trilogy is all about ...

As the tragic 19th Century turns into the equally hopeless 20th century for millions of helpless poor, Kate Kinnon refuses to buckle under the overwhelming odds against an unmarried and pregnant, penniless and disgraced chambermaid, escaping the horrors of her native Ireland for the even worse terrors of Scotland's city slums.
     There she faces the added and unexpected miseries of a detested Irish immigrant in the lowest sub-caste of a grim Glasgow underworld of the ragged, starving and desperate, struggling to survive the blackest and bleakest of times on their own home ground. Kate is the outsider.
     Is this a rags-to-riches story? Only the reader of this trilogy will know. But along the way will be encountered love and betrayal, disasters and triumphs – and, in Kate Kinnon, a woman never to be forgotten.
Told with humour, compassion and uncanny insight into the period, 'The Candleriggs Trilogy' is a multi-leveled and multi-faceted first rate read.
     This exclusive BeWrite Books ebook Omnibus, DRM-free for fair sharing and in all popular digital formats, contains the unabridged books – each introduced with its original cover – in a single, quick and light download for any electronic reading platform under the sun from a PC or laptop, through all ebook-dedicated reading devices to tablets and smart phones.

These three titles are stand-alone novels in their own right, but for even greater enjoyment and ultimate satisfaction, we suggest you read them in sequence, as characters and situations flow and develop, page by page, book by book.

*Author Jenny Chaplin is well-loved by loyal readers worldwide for her books on Scottish social history and for her regular articles in the 'Scots Magazine' and the 'Scottish Banner'. She is also a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland. She writes in a centuries' old cottage on the remote Scottish western island of Bute under the name Jenny Telfer Chaplin to differentiate between her fiction and non-fiction work.

A TIP AND A WARNING: By visiting the BeWrite Books Bookstore and homing in on the OUR AUTHORS page you can read about all of Jenny's books and about each novel in this trilogy, complete with a free chapter of each. That's the tip. Here's the warning. Unlike with an ongoing series, cover notes on each book in a trilogy tend to describe an updated storyline and reveal developments. Anyone new to this work might well consider these notes 'spoilers' – unwelcome hints of things to come. My advice? Don't read the individual title notes in case it lets cats out of bags that you would rather release yourself as you read along.

THE CANDLERIGGS TRILOGY. Author: Jenny Chaplin. Editor: Hugh McCracken. Design and technical preparation of the collection e-editions: Tony Szmuk. The Books are also available in paperback at BEWRITE BOOKS and from all online bookstores or on order from your local brick and mortar book shop if they are not in stock.

Happy e-reading, chums. Neil Marr et al at BB


  1. I might have to get one of these sometime. As an independent publisher myself, I feel like I should support you guys. :)

  2. Why not drop me a line, Timothy? At our humble end of the game, cooperation beats competition hands down every time. Bestests. Neil