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New e-Omnibus of three in-series ebooks from BeWrite Books

Contained in this single-download e-omnibus of Anne Morgellyn’s THE DEATH BUSINESS series are the first three titles, entirely unabridged and each introduced with its original cover. At $9.95 or local currency equivalent ... the collection is priced at more than 40% off the combined cover price of the ebooks included.

Each is a complete and stand-alone novel in its own right, but read in sequence, the series is even more thrilling as its lead characters and their tangled lives unfold to provide an intriguing and running sub-plot to the individual titles.

***DISREMEMBERING EDDIE: Mortuary technician, Louise Moon, blows the whistle on former lover, Eddie – a colourful and corrupt government minister.

Then his body is wheeled into her morgue.

She is torn between the new man in her life, the cool pathologist who performs the autopsy, and her obsession to bury all of Eddie, emotionally and physically ... even his stolen heart, hidden in a jar behind her washing machine.

In a psychological chiller of suspicion, betrayal, paranoia and guilt, Morgellyn dissects the raging debate surrounding disposal and ownership of corpses and organs. But, more than anything, her book is a post mortem examination of relationships ...
relationships between the living and the dead.

REMOVING EDITH MARY: Louise Moon is now in the removal business ... removing bodies, that is. But when old Edith Mary is unceremoniously hurried to a pauper’s grave, Louise finds herself haunted once more by the living around her and the dead in her hands.

Dogged by a psychotic stalker and ridiculed by her colleagues, Louise risks her career, her love and even her life to discover if unmourned Edith Mary – as anonymous and insignificant in death as she was in life – died of a simple stroke or was murdered.

In an absorbing sequel to her psychological chiller, Disremembering Eddie, Anne Morgellyn explores the meaning of death as seen through the eyes of those in the trade – disillusioned Louise, her cynical and ghoulish, sometime boyfriend, Chas the pathologist, the publicity-seeking show biz psychiatrist, the cost-obsessed corpse disposal boss, the time-serving coroner’s officer, the shrewd undertaker.

Morgellyn lifts the shrouds from a fact of life we seldom have the courage to confront and lets us peer into the methods and minds of a shadowy cast of characters whose all-but secret business is death. Disturbingly entertaining. Uncomfortably honest. Unforgettably compelling. NM

PINCUSHION: Outrageous artist August Stockyard – attention-seeking heir to a media and property empire – dies in typically theatrical fashion ... and the mischief that drove his life’s work culminates in the bequest of adjoining houses to his pregnant girlfriend, Cressida, and to his former comrade-in-arms, Louise Moon.

But was August’s demise simple suicide or was it the result of a kinky sex game that went wrong?

Had he cleverly planned to shame his distant father and take revenge on his ruthless uncle, the obese and grasping millionaire who now had his sights set on Louise?

Or was it a warped trick from the grave to throw the two women with whom August had been obsessed into a fight to the death as reluctant and mismatched neighbours?

Pincushion is the third and latest in a series of psychological thrillers that chart the adventures of Louise Moon and her precarious love affair with brilliant but unconventional pathologist and former boss Chas Androssoff.

Powerful in its metaphoric compulsiveness, bleak, disturbing, intelligent ... DM Thomas

Anne Morgellyn
Author Anne Morgellyn was educated at London University and at Universite de Paris-Sorbonne. After graduation, she worked as a teacher and journalist in Egypt, Finland, Yugoslavia, France and Dominica, and latterly in the former Soviet Union, researching news stories for US television. Anne has also worked for Amnesty International, The Stranglers rock group, Investment USA, Encounter magazine and in educational outreach projects for English National Opera.

In 1994 she relocated to Cornwall, England to raise daughter, Cara, and taught on BA degree programmes for Falmouth College of Arts and as an Associate Lecturer for The Open University. In January 2000, set up Intertalea, a consultancy developing and delivering distance-learning programmes in creative writing for Exeter University, the Open College Network and the Workers’ Educational Association, which offers some of these courses through British prisons.

A full member of The National Association of Writers in Education and South West regional correspondent for the UK’s New Writer magazine, Anne is also a full member of the prestigious and exclusive Crime Writers’ Association.

THE DEATH BUSINESS. Author: Anne Morgellyn. Editor: Neil Marr. Design and technical preparation of BB e-omnibus edition: Tony Szmuk.

Available as of Friday July 29 from the BeWrite Books BOOKSTORE in all popular digital formats and from all major online ebook stores.

Best wishes and happy weekend. Neil et al at BB

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