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We promised you a new cut-price ebook omnibus edition of complete trilogies and earlier books in running series in e-bundles of three at more than 40% off combined cover cost of the individual novels, lads and lassies.

Also we promised a new e-collection release at least once a week until our current supply of appropriate titles is exhausted. Never let it be said that BB has ever broken a promise … here’s our second in Week One of this ambitious project (yup, we prepared well in advance of making the vow, as always). There will be yet another on Monday (July 18), so watch this space.

The idea is to introduce new readers to previously untried trilogies, evolving series and authors with a cheaper ticket into the literary fun fair.

Our e-Omnibus editions are offered in a single, light download at $9.95 -- less than the very minimum price for a single ebook title from those many publishers using the Agency Five pricing model that denies the right to discount. At our across-the-board ebook cover price of $5.95, these three-volume bundles represent a saving of about eight bucks (or whatever pennies you count in your neck of the woods).

All books are entirely unabridged and each title contained is introduced with its original cover within the omnibus itself. Bundled ebooks will carry a new ISBN for each digital format and will be available on release from BeWrite Books own BOOKSTORE and all online ebook stores. They can be read on everything from PCs and laptops, through the entire range of ebook-dedicated reading devices and tablets to iPods and smart phones. Even on your TV screen if you know how (I don’t).

As always, we strongly oppose DRM padlocking of digital books. These bundles – like our individual ebook titles and paperbacks – are meant for fair sharing with friends and families. We trust you not to make a business of this freedom to share and easily convert from format to format and transfer from electronic reading platform to electronic reading platform. If you're interested enough to want to understand our unshakable stance against DRM, read about it in more depth in three earlier BeWrite Books blog articles HERE

So here’s a little about: THE MASTERS OF MOBIUS: A MEDIEVAL TIME TRAVEL TRILOGY. It’s highly recommended for adventurous readers of all stages of youth from sixteen to ninety-six, by the way.

A group of modern-day teenagers is thrown back through a time portal to the brutal days of Braveheart’s war-torn and blood-soaked Scotland where the lads become the quarry in the Lord of the Island’s ritual hunt to the death.
But nobody told Pete and his friends that, and they can never know who’s friend and who’s foe as they struggle their way through this strange and threatening medieval world of sinister castles and evil torture chambers … literally running for their lives at every turn.
This action-packed, sprint-paced trilogy from master of high adventure Hugh McCracken is played out by a cast of clashing characters against a fascinating and intricately researched historical backdrop that – like the time shift itself – becomes utterly and frighteningly real within the opening paragraphs of book one.
As the trilogy develops, page by page and book by book, the characters mature and learn … but can they ever win the ultimate game of life and death – even when they are joined by a young William ‘Braveheart’ Wallace himself at the age of eighteen?
And can they handle their new-found barbarisms and battle skills in the modern world during their spontaneous travels between locations, geographically identical on the map, but almost eight centuries apart in time?

Hugh McCracken
McCracken has the magic that holds young adults – and their parents and grandparents – spellbound as his tale twists, turns and spins. Even suspension of disbelief in the theory of time travel itself is all-but immediate

You can test McCracken’s time-twist theory yourself with a hand-made time machine … it takes two minutes and three easily explained moves, a strip of yesterday’s newspaper and an inch of sticky tape. Become an instant Time Lord, folks!

The titles included in the omnibus can be read as stand-alone novels in their own right, but for even greater enjoyment and ultimate satisfaction, we suggest you read them in sequence as characters and situations flow and develop.

*Scottish born historian, former scientist and high school dean, Hugh McCracken relocated to Canada in 1967. He has been a professional author and writer for more than twenty years.

*As well as The Masters of Mobius: A Medieval Time Travel Trilogy in its individual volumes, all his other novels (and crime novels under the pen name Alistair Kinnon) are available in paperback and all ebook digital formats from the BeWrite Books BOOKSTORE SECTION and from all major and minor online book stores. Paperbacks can also be ordered from your local brick-and-mortar bookshop if not already in stock.

*An easy way to home in on all Hugh's novels, read reviews and generous free extracts is to scroll down through the OUR AUTHORS section of the BeWrite Books Website to  his listing there.

THE MASTERS OF MOBIUS: A MEDIEVAL TIME TRAVEL TRILOGY. Author: Hugh McCracken. Editor: Neil Marr. Design and technical preparation and distribution: Tony Szmuk.

Happy e-reading, chums. Best wishes and here's hoping you have a relaxing weekend. Neil et al at BB

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