Thursday, 18 February 2010

Eeeeee ... Books!!!

ALL BeWrite Books titles are now available at in every known ebook format. And ALL BeWrite authors have a personal author/title profile at that site. Contact me at if you want to make changes.

Through our Smashwords partnership, BB ebooks are now dribbling into the shop windows of Barnes & Noble's Nook, Amazon's Kinndle, Kobo, Sony and elsewhere. Rome wasn't built in a day, so have a little patience until the entire catalogue is available universally. We and Smashwords are working hard at it.

Also, we have an invitation from the absolutely massive forum for authors to promote their own ebooks there with links to Smashwords and other points of sale.
Please do sign up with MobileReads and head for the new thread ( where you have free range and can do yourself a lot of good.

The website is currently undergoing huge reconstruction, so keep tabs. Apart from your paperbacks (treebooks), we will soon have all titles available direct from there in PDF and ePub versions at $7 a pop. Elsewhere, they'll cost $9.

Our ebook titles have also been accepted by ContentReversve Library and Blio. Just waiting for the red tape to unravel. Watch this space.

Cheers. Neil


  1. This is going to be BeWrite's Bebook year, I think, Brian. One heck of a lot is moving on the retail front. Stay in touch and promote wherever you can. Good luck. Neil

  2. Neil,
    I'm sure I am not "speaking" for myself as I express my gratitude for all the effort and time you have invested to make BeWrite Books an exciting and viable literary exchange post. Send me an email and suggest what I might do to help bring BeWrite to the attention of the wider readership it deserves.

    Harry Hughes, author of THE BAIT SHACK