Monday, 15 February 2010


BeWrite Books is entering the audiobooks field ... and that ain't quite as easy as reading a bedtime story to the littlies if you want to do it properly.

We were lucky recently to sign up professional actor Jacob Keebler in the US to help produce the first BB book that doesn't call for your eyes being open as you enjoy the words.

The job's turning out a hoot, but there's a heck of a lot involved, apart from perfect reading. All kinds of technical stuff, music, sound effects, scripts, etc must tie together to create a perfect recording.

You should soon be able to hear *THE MOVIE* (otherwise known as Cannibal Lesbian Zombies from Outer Space -- versus -- Doctor Clockwork and his Furious Plastic Surgeons of Doom) thanks to Jake, his backup cast, author Bosley Gravel and a whole crew of editors and technicians.

Once this is off the stocks, other BeWrite Books titles will become available in audiobook form, too.

Patience, though. It takes one heck of a lot of time to get it right ... no matter how easy it sounds.


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