Tuesday, 23 February 2010

BeWrite Books Shift into Overdrive

BeWrite Books has today (Feb 23) officially teamed up with Cleveland-based OverDrive (Content Reserve), the leading and most prestigiious global distributor of eBooks and audiobooks for libraries and retailers in the world ... and earning this coveted partnership has been no cake walk.

The company -- with some of the biggest names in publishing on its books -- is super-selective, to say the least, as to which clients and titles it welcomes aboard. The selection process -- which included the strict assessment of sample titles -- made this humble publishing house feel as though it was applying for astronaut training for the first flight to Mars. Worth every minute of the months' long effort, though, when we were accepted with a kindly note of welcome.

Our proud inclusion in Overdrive's massive ContentReserve catalogue now offers us the widest ebook and audio book retail exposure we could dream of. You can read about the company here: http://www.overdrive.com.

A lot of work is still involved to get our entire catalogue up and running with Overdrive according to their exacting technical standards, but nothing the BeWrite Team can't handle with BB Technical Director Tony Smuk's in-house expertise and the unstinting help of our delightful Overdrive project manager, Margaret Harrison, who is a key player (also with a strong editorial background) on the huge and dynamic Overdrive team of technicians, designers, marketers and expert admin folks.

We're set now for greater than ever, glittering shop window showcasing for BB authors and a wonderful opportunity for them to connect with more e-readers then ever before. So watch this space. You won't have to wait long.



  1. A heck of a lot of work's involved with Overdrive/ContentReserve. But -- together with their excellent team -- we're getting there. Neil

  2. Good move, Neil. Overdrive looks to be a big leap forward.