Thursday, 25 February 2010


Hya Chaps and Chapettes (scribes and readers):

We're trying our best to get the BeWrite Books Blog up and running again.

This time so that it’ll promote you and your books, your own sites and blogs, buying info, your thoughts, raves and rants, BeWrite Books in general, and be bursting with news and fun to attract the readers ... the guys right at the top of the food chain who determine your value as authors by blowing the cobwebs off their credit cards, and who might even take the trouble to review your work.

We don't want this to be a dry sales blog. We know you have info, comment, anecdotes and jokes coming out of your ears that will give readers an insight into what your work has to offer. And we want readers to tell us what's right and what's wrong.

WWW.BEWRITEBOOKS.BLOGSPOT.COM is as dim as a Toc H lamp right now and has about as many members as the Kalahari Caber Tossing and Clog Dancing Society. SIXTEEN followers! I’ve seen longer bus queues. We need hundreds …. thousands … to flog your books and attract the very best of writers and readers.

This place could really be helpful if a buncha folks registered and commented on posts – or even went so far as to suggest posts of their own. The Blog is picked up at places like FaceBook and Twitter to spread the word even further … and it’s all about spreading the word, isn’t it.

If you’ll just read it and recommend it, that would be finest kind. Contribute a little and it would be even finester kind and we can use it as the basis for a quarterly BB newsletter for reading and writing pals if you write with good sense and/or good humour.

If you’re unsure about what you want to say, just drop me a line at and I’ll help.

Put it this way, people … it will take less time to sign up and drop the odd note than it would to send me an email to say why you can’t be arsed. It’ll also save me the bother of coming over to your house and terrorising your pets.

Please do help out – for everyone’s sake.

That is all. Neil


  1. Heyyyy! I think I already follow this blog but need to check - not been at Blogspot for a while,not even to update my own blog. (surprise, surprise!)
    Looking forward to catching up with BeWrite again once the house move is done and ... erm, dusted!

  2. Hi,
    I have limited (read useless) knowledge about blogs - I am blogless, but I am willing to learn and become a part of BeWrite again.

  3. Thanks Tezz and Lezz -- the blog in the past has been pretty much a place to post new BB releases. I want to make it more fun -- a Beano Blog! All comment -- especially from the likes of you two -- will be more than welcome. Hoots. Neil

  4. I think I've pressed the right button to follow you... I'm a little confused though as it took me to some Google page account, one I didn't know I had! I've just recently started using my blog again and I can't remember a darn thing! Will pop back again soon.

  5. Hi Neil

    I'm happy to follow but may I ask a dumb question? Does one have to be published with BeWrite to be featured/contribute here?

  6. Hey Neil,

    Thanks for the info. I'm a blogging virgin and don't know how to post on the site. Or am I merely allowed to post comments such as I'm doing now?

  7. I wanna be in the Beano blog to make it a blogging beano of a blogspot for bloggers who like beanos at BeWrite. Steve

  8. I'm more website orientated ... if someone will tell me what to do ... I look at the menu at the top and don't see any real options ..
    anyway. I'm happy to report that my small press Citiria has just released our new PULP SF, Alien Seeding, by Perry Defiore.
    Citiria IS READING for war memoir, war fiction, SF/F&H, but I'll take a serious look at other genres too. No romance or mystery though.

  9. Well, I've got a topping excuse. I've been battling a brain tumour for the past nine months. At the beginning, I couldn't read. I couldn't even write my name, let alone my blog, but now I'm in the throes (if that's the right expression) of plotting a new psych thriller. Spring is coming, the sap is rising, and BeWrite's blog will ride again...

  10. I pop in here now and then as I do the BB website to see what delights are on offer.

  11. Hey - I remember Beano. I grew up on Beano and Dandy. If this sounds cryptic to you, you should see the other wierd things in my childhood! I could start a whole blog about the things they did to me that turned me into this! A Beano blog... okay then. Let's see. We ate bully-beef and potatoes. We went fishing at dawn and met the old man coming home from the pub on his way up. We caught green buses that had no timetable, simply because there were so many of them. They just kept coming. There were fireworks, nut clusters, fruity ice cream and lots of cream cakes. There were comics on Saturday (yeah... Dandy and Beano.) Now who's got memories that can best this?

  12. Hey Chap-chief! Why don't you put your follow button up a little higher on the page so people don't have to scroll all the way down to ye olde bottom. Just a suggestion. Maybe it will help a little. -S :)

  13. I'll see what we can do about the 'follow' button, Susan. I have a feeling though that the template is carved in stone.

    Sadly, there's no facility for anyone but admin to post directly into the blog. But you can send me your material and I'll do it for you. (

    Also, of course, you can comment here. Comments are moderated -- but only to lose spam and malicious posts.

    The blog's specifically about BeWrite Books and its authors and readers, Hywela, but anyone is welcome to visit and have their say.

    Cheers. Neil

  14. Great to see you guys blogging again,
    Editor, Schiel & Denver Book Publishers