Thursday, 25 February 2010


Things are moving so fast and furious with our admirable partners that they can hardly keep pace with demand from major retailers for exciting new titles from small indies like BeWrite Books.

A note from Smashwords founder and CEO Mark Coker today, though, shows that there's a brilliant light at the end of the tunnel for BB.

No less than EIGHTY ONE BeWrite Books ebook titles in the Smashwords Premium Catalogue will be available in NINE digital formats in a matter of days at online stores including Amazon's Kindle store, Barnes & Noble's Nook ebook store, Sony's ebook store and even the new Kobo ebook store. They can be read on anything from a PC to a new fangled ereader device or even a mobile phone.

If you can't wait, visit, hit the publisher's button in the left margin, key in BeWrite Books and pick up anything you like immediately and in any format under the sun for nine bucks a pop. And, if you can enjoy PDF, those are still available for the next few weeks at a mere $2 direct from

Ol' stick-in-the-muds like my wife, Skovia, of course, can still get BB paperbacks (treebooks) pretty well anywhere.

Happy reading. Neil


  1. We seem to be getting where water can't .... Neil

  2. This is an exciting advent for all BeWriters!

  3. Yup, Lad. And I've checked your own books in various formats on different reading devices and even the section-heading pictures come out beautifully. Guess we're riding the eighth hill, ol' pal. Neil