Friday, 26 March 2010


It couldn't have happened at a worse time because BeWrite Books is going through the businest period I've known in ten years, but I've got to bow out for a wee while.

I just had the last in a string of medical tests and examinations and it's been sprung on me that I must check into a clinic in Monaco on Tuesday for some hefty April Fools' Day surgery -- an old vascular problem that's come back to haunt me.

After the operation, I'll have to stay in for a week to ten days before I can escape back to my desk. With luck, I might be able to get an internet connection and do at least some work on a netbook from my bed. If not, I'll be constructively occupied off line with a stack of editing work, and I have a couple of ARCs to proof read in hard copy.

Meantime, you can reach Tony at And my son, Alex (Sandy), will also be helping out. Hugh and Sam, of course, are in place as always.

Over the weekend and on Monday, I'll be trying to clear the decks as much as possible, so there should be no undue delay in Tony getting your brand new website up and running in my absence. You can actually visit now, but there's still a lot of hard and complex work to do in the bookstore part of the site.

You can try me any time after Thursday via my netbook: (imaginative, eh?) Looking forward to joining you again very soon. Maybe you can get a few more pals to sign up to the BeWrite Blog while I'm out of circulation. We really do need as many followers as we can round up.

Love and luck to you all. Hoots. Neil

PS: Remember I promised you an interesting and/or fun book-related video at the foot of every post from now on? Catch this. It's without a doubt the most original book trailer I've ever seen. The imagination, skill and time that went into it is mind-boggling:


  1. Thanks, Brian. On the reliable principle that it never rains but it pours, the motherboard in my PC died on me yesterday, just as I was about to load all my work onto memory sticks to use on a netbook in myu hospital bed. Now, all but snookered.

    I can't even do the round robin email I'd planned to send out to everyone on Monday to say I'd be out of action for a couple of weeks. Perhaps my pals here could help spread the word so that I don't come back to an inbox full of moans and groans.

    Cheers. Neil