Saturday, 6 March 2010


There's a fascinating story and interview by Smashwords CEO Mark Coker in today's Huffington Post on Rita Toews, founder of Read an Ebook Week.

BeWrite Books has always supported the event, but this year ... well, what a heck of a week for the website to be down for reconstruction!

Thankfully, -- one of our leading ebook outlets -- has allowed us to get around this by using our publisher's page there to offer, this year, 'BeWrite Books for Haiti'.

From March 7-13 just visit our Smashwords profile  and scroll down through our catalogue for twenty-five Pay-What-You-Want titles. All income will go to the Red Cross effort on the earthquake-devastated island.

Cheers. Neil


  1. Was it wrong that my first thought was "kinda foxy for 61"?

    Mark Coker has been putting himself about a bit this week. He had a piece on Writer Beware as well.

    Both good reads.

  2. Mark's a writer himself, Anton, but doesn't have time for novels since he started Smashwords. I guess his stuff for Huffington Post, his own blogs, etc, etc, is a way to keep his hand in ... and, of course, he's an enthusiastic promoter to boot. He did a half-hour radio interview with BeWrite Books' Maggie Ball as well this week. Cheers. Neil