Sunday, 14 March 2010


Read an Ebook Week officially ended at midnight US Pacific time today, breakfast time in Europe and when most well-fed Australians were dozing off Sunday Lunch.

BeWrite Books was happy to see over 600 downloads from its publishers' page at Smashwords.

We'd offered twenty-five titles from our catalogue on a pay-what-you-like (or nothing at all), basis so most folks, of course, chose the free option. We did raise a couple of hundred dollars from those who voluntarily paid something, though, (some generous souls actually stumped up MORE than normal cover price) and that will be sent to the Red Cross to go toward their effort in Haiti. Now if only one in ten of those who downloaded our ebooks would offer a few lines of review ...

We'll be dropping our Smashwords ebook prices across the board as of today, by the way, and there will  also be some free offers every day (free titles changing by the week or fortnight), so keep tabs on BeWrite Books ebooks at Smashwords

Many thanks to any friends here at the blog who took an interest and downloaded an ebook or two.
Hoots. Neil

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