Monday, 1 March 2010


BeWrite Books has just had official confirmation that we've been accepted by the giant Scribd organisation as one of their very first non-US publishing partners. Scribd is the largest and most prestigious social publishing company in the world. All's a go-go here right now.

By the way, apologies to anyone who might have had problems with the website over the weekend. It's an unfortunate side-effect of major reconstruction work in hand by Tony, Alex and our technician at MIVA. The new supersite should be up and running very soon.

Read An Ebook Week is coming up again in a few days, so watch this space for freebies and generous deals on BB titles in all digital formats to celebrate the recent explosion in the popularity of ebook reading ... ten years after BeWrite predicted the digital revolution.

Hoots. Neil


  1. "ten years after BeWrite predicted the digital revolution."

    Funny you should end your post with those words, Neil. That's exactly what I was thinking about as I read through it. I remember you spreading the idea of designing an e-reader, affordable and small enough to send home with people, inside their cereal boxes.

    Your thirst for reading, your hard work and dedication, and that of all who have been a part of BeWrite from its beginning, is the driving force behind BeWrite's success. A just reward for all the work that went into it.


  2. As a BeWrite contributor, it is refreshing to see our publisher so on the leading edge of technology and experimentation. Banish the thought of publishers being stodgy and unresponsive to trends...not this one!

    Thanks again Neil for riding the crests!