Thursday, 18 March 2010


Tony's been working hard for weeks -- often with behind-the-scenes help from Alex -- on the new BeWrite Books website. And just for BB blog followers, he's posted a link here so that you can see how it's shaping up (click on the open book to the right of this message).

The main elements are in place but he still has a heap of painstaking work ahead before we're properly ready to go live and start to promote the site. Although the BeWrite Books book shop front window is looking great, for instance, there's a lot of tidying up to do inside the shop itself ...

All titles must be listed under all genres to which they apply; new merchant software means that the untidy old system of posting two entries for each title -- one for paperback and the other ebook -- can be replaced by a single cover with options to buy paperback, PDF or any of nine other digital formnts; prices will soon be in US dollars with instant conversion to your own currency at that day's rate of exchange and PayPal will become a payment option; links to book extracts, video trailers, author bios, etc will be placed under the title's listing ... etc, etc ...

Many of the new features are made possible because of sophistocated new software we've installed. But most of the credit for the look, feel and sheer efficiency of the new BB site must go to Tony with his artist's eye to design, impressive technical know-how, boundless energy and imagination -- and his utter inability to say, "that can't be done."

Hope you like what you see. But -- as always -- we rely on you for honest assessment and, of course, sound suggestions.

Best wishes. Neil

PS: From here on, I'm going to add a PS to my bog posts, linking to a short on-topic video that will be interesting or fun or both. Here's one that could best be described as 'clever'. Cheering, though, even if the message applies to only some youngsters out there:


  1. Neil, I think the new website looks good. My only comment is that I found the red & green decorated capitals difficult to read. Other wise, excellent.

  2. Thanks, Brian.

    The idea, of course, is to suggest old fashioned values and an up-to-date approach: the state-of-the-art technology of even the site itself will be obvious when you see the finished product. It's quite amazing how all elements are tied together and can be accessed at the speed of light.

    The style of lettering on the home page, I guess, is a matter of taste. And certainly nowhere near as difficult to come to terms with as the instructions and functions on other book sites I could mention.

    I love the olde worlde touch and others who've seen the prototype also find it attractive (certainly different to any other online publishing site).

    Just a bit of a shock to the system to old hands like you (and me to start with). You'll soon fall in love with it -- if not, the next round's on me.

    Cheers. Neil

  3. I just took a look. The site looks good, Neil. Good luck!


  4. Thanks, Carmen. Glad you like it.

    A couple of others feel as Brian does, by the way, that the initial cap letter on the various sections of the site with buttons from the homepage can be confusing.

    It's purely a cosmetic feature, of course, rather than one of the more complex and obscure machinations of the new site, so maybe Tony can experiment a little to see what you might think of other font styles.

    Things are coming together nicely, though. Still work to be done and ongoing improvement and adjustment.

    But we're almost ready for Stage Two of the Grand Plan -- which is to take the site, BeWrite Books and its authors (current and future) to where they belong in the world of literature.

    Right at the top of the food chain are our readers. They will always be top priority for everyone involved in the creation, production and promotion of a BB work.

    Hoots. Neil